Rotary Blower ARK & ARJ Model


UNOZAWA; Roots type products

Unozawa rotary blower and dry vacuum pump is Roots type. It is clean becase this design does not use oil inside the working chamber and does not contaminate the handled gas. From vacuum to high pressure, from small to large size model, there is a wide range of products to suit various process and operating conditions.

Unozawa have many experiences supplying our products all over the world.


Rotary blower · Vacuum pump

From the development of Roots type blower and vacuum pump, Unozawa continue resarch and development of our products.

Unozawa have various shaft seal systems and material of construction to meet various application, including special gas as well as air.

Utilising the good features of roots design such as oil-free, high performance and constant capacity at different pressure variations allow our Unozawa blowers to run smoothly in various industries. Our excellent performance and high reliability earn us enhanced trust from our customers.


The rotary blower is three lobe Roots type blower featuring high performance, low noise and less vibration.
Unlike centrifugal type, Roots type is positive displacement type which is less capacity variation against pressure variation.


ARK series is for air service.
ARJ series is available from small capacity to large capacity, featuring various gas service and operationg condition, special material, various shaft seal, high pressure resistance type, and explosion-proof type.

Air Service Three Lobe Roray Blower · Vacuum Pump

ARK type is small and middle size blower and vacuum pump employing three robe rotor and featuring lower noise. Products are high qualtiy using all parts produced by high technology and quality assurance system based on ISO 9001. Blower /vacuum pump are for air service and dry type in which water or oil are not used at gas contact parts.

This product is standardized and made to ARK series which enables this series to be manufacturered with shorter lead time.


  1. Low-noise and Less Vibration
  2. Compact
  3. Clean Air Discharged
  4. Trouble-free


Rotary blower / Vaccum pump Type "ARJ" (Various Application Series)

The Unozawa "ARJ" Positive Displacement Blower is new series Roots blower developed by incorporating extensive experience and technical experience. This series blower type "ARJ" employs three lobe rotor, featuring higher performance, lower noise and less vibration. When the blower handles special gas, mechanical seal can be provided. High design pressure blowers are available up to 20 barg.


  1. High Reliability
  2. Support Special Purpose
  3. Proper Selection of Shaft Seal
  4. Option of Special Material and Coating
  5. Support High-pressure application
  6. Possiblity of Suctioning High Temperature Gas

Below Catalogue Model : ARK & ARJ and inquiry sheet

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